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Congratulations to our SUPERSTARS!
The "Superstar Award" is given to one member who has done something special for our chapter. Gone over and beyond so to speak. The recipient must be an ABWA member and they are receiving the pin based on something they did for the chapter since the beginning of the chapter year, August 1st. In addition, an individual cannot receive the pin more than once in a chapter year.
Rhonda Sternberg
Rhonda Sternberg - July 2016 "Superstar"
Kay Snelling
Kay Snelling - April 2016 "Superstar"
Jo DelGiacco
Jo DelGiacco - June 2016 "Superstar"
Lois Margolin
Lois Margolin - March 2016 "Superstar"
Renee Wright
Renee Wright - February 2016 "Superstar"
Kathy Gallagher
Kathy Gallagher - November 2015 "Superstar"
Cassi Eubank
Cassi Eubank - October 2015 "Superstar"
Diane Diamantis
Diane Diamantis - September 2015 "Superstar"
Dottie Sillano
Dottie Sillano - June 2015 "Superstar"
Kelsey Twarog
Kelsey Twarog - May 2015 "Superstar"
Sherrie Gottesman
Sherrie Gottesman - April 2015 "Superstar"
Christy Kelly
Christy Kelly - March 2015 "Superstar"
Deb Roman
Deb Roman - February 2015 "Superstar"
Sue Hand
Ginny Burgess - January 2015 "Superstar"
Sue Hand
Sue Hand - November 2014 "Superstar"
Judy Rubin
Judy Rubin - October 2014 "Superstar"
Andrea Levenson
Andrea Levenson - September 2014 "Superstar"